Thomas Internships

Located in New York City, our Internship Program engages students in a wide range of projects through a combination of hands-on work, skill building, and client interaction. Working side-by-side with our energetic team of Mechanical Engineers, Designers, Industry and Web Technology experts, each intern will be exposed to unique, professional opportunities and real-life experience in their field. is the Internet’s leading vertical destination site for buyers of industrial products and services. Frequent visitors include Fortune 500 companies, the military, government entities, educational and research institutions, and buyers and engineers in companies of all sizes.

Do You Qualify?

You must be a student entering your junior or senior year of college. And, you must be able to work legally in the US, possess clear written and oral communication skills, and show an enthusiastic customer service attitude. This is a paid internship with the possibility to gain college credits.

Open Internships

Sorry, but we do not have any open internships at the moment. Check back soon.